A Jackpot City Bonus will get you Started

Getting involved in a new online casino can be a daunting task. In addition to the need to learn new software, you also have to consider how much you want to invest at the start of your membership. Fortunately, there is a great Jackpot City bonus waiting for you that will allow you to jump right in and get playing fast. This includes a no deposit bonus of up to $25 that will allow you to earn real money without putting down a single penny of your own cash. When you do make a deposit, you can earn a 100% match bonus on your first two transactions, earning up to $200 and $300 respectively in free credit that can be used anywhere in the casino.
Bonuses, Jackpots, and Specials
Once you get playing, you will find that there is an opportunity for a Jackpot City bonus almost every day. There are floating promotions such as Free Spin Mania, which gives you a chance to earn extra spins on your games of choice. There are daily bonuses that occur at random times just to give an extra thrill to people playing. There are also loyalty bonuses available to returning customers. These bonuses can take the form of great prizes, cash rewards, and auction chances. If you prefer to watch your potential winnings and not get taken by surprise, you can keep an eye on the progressive jackpot games, which total up jackpots as you keep playing. The potential winnings can reach into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, and less than 10% of the jackpots go without a winner. If you want a chance to make a lot of money and win tons of fun prizes, you should try a Jackpot City bonus on for size. The opportunities are virtually endless.